Monitor Display Dimensions

  Blott 10:27 07 Feb 11

I recently purchased a new monitor - very good. However it is longer in width than in height and thus on screen stuff is visually "stretched" horizontally compared to vertically.
This has been no problem so far but now I'm doing a little design work and inbalance between horizontal and vertical dimensions means I cannot view the true proportions of pictures I'm working with.

Is there any way I could temporarily restore the view to true proportions when necessary ?

Regards to all.

  bremner 10:40 07 Feb 11

You have a widescreen monitor and the display settings are incorrect.

Right click on the desktop and click Properties > Settings set the resolution to 1920 x 1200

  woodchip 10:49 07 Feb 11

You need to change the Resolution as above, Right Click on blank Desktop/Properties/Settings Choose the one for your monitor. You should have got this info with the Monitor

  AL47 19:36 07 Feb 11

You could Google the monitor model code and find its native resolution and then you need to do as woodchip says, can't stand using a monitor at non standard resolution

Also standard for yours may not be 1920x 1200, mine is 2560x 1440 for example

  gazzaho 10:53 08 Feb 11

If the monitor is a flat screen model, perhaps LCD for example, look for something in the documentation which mentions native resolution, 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 are just two options for a 24" model for instance. Depending on the monitor layout either of those resolutions could be termed native by the manufacturer.

The native resolution is the ideal setting on a flat panel monitor, other resolutions will not display as well as the native one.

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