monitor defocused

  JOHN S 17:29 02 Jan 03
  JOHN S 17:29 02 Jan 03

Happy New Year Everyone

does anyone know what would cause a monitor to defocus, mostly on the net

John S

  Paul2002 17:31 02 Jan 03

Is the monitor an old 1? it could be on its last legs.

  JOHN S 17:35 02 Jan 03

Hi Paul2002
it is 2 yrs old NEC VR19

  Paul2002 17:36 02 Jan 03

Usualy monitors have a 3 year warranty, is this the case with yours? if so then give the suppliers a call.

  JOHN S 17:40 02 Jan 03

I was wondering if it could be my graphics card !

  Paul2002 17:41 02 Jan 03

I doubt it be lets see what some1 else says.

  Paul2002 17:43 02 Jan 03

Was ment to say.... I doubt it but lets see what some1 else says.

  Djohn 17:47 02 Jan 03

JOHN S, is it just the text and are you using a wheel Mouse? if so try holding down the Ctrl. key and moving the wheel back and forth at the same time, this will alter the size of text. I've found that if the text is too small it will appear to be out of focus.

  JOHN S 17:52 02 Jan 03

Hi Djohn
no it is the whole screen - when I go to another page sometimes it clears sometimes not

  JOHN S 17:56 02 Jan 03

at the moment I have 3 pages open - yours and the link to another problem, "Cpu over heating" and the MBM 5 homesite two are clear and the MBM 5 site is out of focus !

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