monitor? computer woes, expert needed

  fermerboy 00:18 17 Mar 05

Heres a poser for the experts among you.
About 2 months ago I was asked to look at a computer that wouldn't work. Upon pressing the start button the box lit up drives booted normally etc but nothing on the monitor. Tried a different one still nothing, thought it was the graphics card, tried another still nothing, deceided that the mo'board had given up so that was that. Built up a new pc, Jetway board, sempron chip and the rest. Been going fine using the old original monitor until last night and the same thing happens again, boot up and the screen is completely black, nothing, try on a another monitor and the on board graphics on the pc appear to have had it. Tried a new pci card in and it works but the hard drive isn't regognised. The original monitor seems to be a slight gray when its switched on with no signal. The power led is red sometimes, What does that mean?
Is it possible that the monitor is somehow damaging the graphics/components on the pc??. Twice the same symptoms on different pcs is a bit of a coincidence.
I'm stumped!!!
All help appreaciated!!
Sorry the post is so long.

  wee eddie 00:47 17 Mar 05

Possibly a dry joint or loose pin on the plug.

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