Monitor calibration & colour management

  Creditman 18:22 18 Jan 04

Since installing Adobe Photoshop elements I have an extra item on Control Panel - Adobe Gamma which gives a procedure for optimizing monitor settings. I experimented without much success & cannot see what more this function is offering compared to using the monitor control buttons on the side of the screen. So I reset. My problem is really how to get photos looking the same when printed as when on screen. I have set Colour Preference in Adobe to "no colour management" - but this seems to conflict with the need to select a colour profile in Adobe Gamma. I end up confused ! Anyone able to help ? I use Windows XP & an HP PSC 2115 & have selected the same colour profile in both. Thanks Thanks.

  csqwared 19:55 18 Jan 04

I found it to be a bit problematical too. I finished up having to tweak my printer settings to achieve an exact match. For a bit more insight try click here in the "How To" section. I realise it's a different manufacturer to your printer but it might give you an idea how to get settings which will produce good results but you still might need to tweak.


  BrianW 20:05 18 Jan 04

click here. I found it a useful article. I use the 2115 as my printer, with a philips 17 inch LCD screen. I have both my screen and printer set to sRGB colour profiles and my adobe gamma is set to 2.2.

I use the Rendering intent set to "picture" for internal printing and "match" or "proof" when printing at Jessops.

It works for me, so I offer the suggestion to you. Mind you, I work in PSP/8.1 but I believe the colour matching is similar?


  BrianW 20:07 18 Jan 04

look under the section on colour matching in the article I posted

  woodchip 20:18 18 Jan 04

You are up against it as a plain desktop user I have explored the problem top to bottom and side to side. As there are so many things that affect the Colour print of photos different paper, Different Ink, if you scan a photo this is changing all the time, from what the scanner driver say's to the computer and the monitor All have a part to play on what output you get from your printer. My output is not bad if it's from Digital Camera. But from the scanner thing start to change and you need to create a colour Profile in the Photo Editing Program that you are using, or sometimes called a colour map, this achieved by trial and error until you get something near what you want, then save the colour map to load as a custom colour map you can also do this with most decent printer by going to properties Custom and set the DPI and change the colour till you get it how you like it.!!!!!!!! There is no other way

  Creditman 21:23 20 Jan 04

Many thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

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