monitor cable problem

  Gamakly 14:48 16 Jan 07

Hi, my parents have a second hand flat screen monitor and after about a month it seems to be faulty. The problem seems to be with the cable. Is it possible to get a new cable without having to spend a fortune at computer fix-it shops?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 16 Jan 07

The problem seems to be with the cable

Can you elaborate? bent pins bad connection to pins ddamage to cable along its length?

How does the cble conect to the monitor is ther a connection at each end or hardwired to monitor?

  Gamakly 15:23 16 Jan 07

we can't see a problem with the pins, but when we blew in them it started working again ok but after a couple of days it went off again. It is a hard wire connection to the monitor. Someone suggested it might not be compatible, but why would it work for a month then?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 16 Jan 07

Depending on how the cable connects inside the monitor.

If it goes to a plug and socket on the monitor electronic board you could get one made up and replace easily.

If it is soldered to the board then a much harder propostion.

try just cleaning the pins on the mointor plug

  Gamakly 15:39 16 Jan 07

thanks, Fruit Bat, we'll try that.

  Diemmess 16:05 16 Jan 07

If the cable has spent much of its life close to something, the kinking may have caused a conductor to break.

Try gentle wiggling close to either end in case this is the cause.

Another check might be to make sure the videocard (if fitted with a separate one) is firmly home on the motherboard. Such a card can and does occasionally work loose.

  wjrt 19:44 16 Jan 07

if that does not work look here for new cable
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