Monitor cable plugged into integrated vid connecto

  eonepsilon 23:03 03 Jul 10

It says my monitor cable (VGA to VGA) is plugged into the integrated video connector. It wants me to attach the monitor cable to the add-in graphics card. I have a cable plugged into the VGA port on my monitor and the VGA port on my computer, it should be working right?

  MAT ALAN 23:22 03 Jul 10

Who know's...

I am asuming from your question that you have added a standalone VGS card to your PC, have you installed drivers for said card, when doing so usually disables onboard graphics (i think the install bit of card disables onboard bit)
If this is not the case you may need to disable onboard VGA in BIOS...

  eonepsilon 23:31 03 Jul 10

Actually I brought this computer home from work because I need to learn the software that one it. I'm pretty sure that it was connected with a VGA cable on the comp and the monitor in the lab at work, and I havent done anything to the comp since I unhooked everything. If I need to disable the onboard VGA in BIOS, how would I do that?

  MAT ALAN 23:39 03 Jul 10

If I need to disable the onboard VGA in BIOS, how would I do that? NO NEED...

if all you are doing is connecting your work PC to your home monitor, if it is done correctly there is no reson for it not to work.
So what exactly happens, do yuo get any error messages or what...

  eonepsilon 00:42 04 Jul 10

Actually the software just started working on my laptop (wasn't before), wasted 3 hours of my time, haha. Thanks so much for the help.

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