Monitor Broadband Usage

  kainos 18:14 17 Mar 06

The best my telephone line will get is 512 Broadband and so I have the basic BT package which, of course, limits the amount of download and upload/per month . Can anyone help with some sort of program which would sit quietly in the background and monitor how much usage I have had at any time.
Also, because of these limitations on use, should I disconnect from Internet when not in use. In other words do I use a lot of my allowance just by being connected.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 17 Mar 06

NetMeter Homepage
click here

This one is pretty good.

Disonnection is not really necessary - at most all that should be going out is an occasional AV update.

  remind 18:18 17 Mar 06

click here
You don't use any bandwidth just being connected, only when you upload or download data/look at web pages.

  kainos 10:30 23 Mar 06

Thank you Diodorus Siculus and remind. Very helpful info.

  Smiler 13:59 23 Mar 06

I use this one and it's excellent click here

Did try netmeter once but it doesn't give totals for the day/month etc whereas bandwidth meter does.

  CurlyWhirly 22:14 25 Mar 06

Thanks Smiler for the link ;)

I'm curious to know just what my bandwidth usage really is.

  dasli 14:41 09 Feb 10

I use Protemac meter for monitoring..

  colcol1 12:01 25 Mar 10

have downloaded "tautology"...

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