monitor on/off behaviour

  heezy45 13:20 05 Mar 08

I think my pc got infected with some few spywares and i disinfected with super antispyware.After that whenever am scanning with superantispyware my monitors screen goes of for some about two minutes and comes back.What could be the fault and how do i fix it.
Thanks very much for any answer.

  xania 15:12 05 Mar 08

Your graphics driver could have been damaged either by the spyware and or by the removal. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics card drivers?

  heezy45 07:55 06 Mar 08

Hi Xania.
Ithink you are talking about uninstalling the graphics card driver in device manager right?well i have not done that,but will nothing happen to it if i uninstall it?

  xania 10:31 06 Mar 08

Your graphics driver adds to the basic graphics provided by your motherboard. Removin g the graphics driver will merely put you back to the basic mode which will reduce the options for pixel size and range of colpurs, but you will still be able to work. You will then need to reinstall the graphics driver, reset the options and off you go.

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