Monitor is beginning to show its age.

  cruiser2 10 Apr 13

Have a Fujitsu 22 inch monitor which I bought in February 2008. Some of the pixels, especially in the centre appear to be going. Which one of a similar size would be a good buy. I only use it for emails, web searches, typing documents and editing photos and videos. Occassionaly play simple games, no high powered ones. Any help much appreciated.

  chub_tor 10 Apr 13
  wee eddie 10 Apr 13

Before you give up on it, give the recalcitrant pixels a little TLC.

Put a soft cloth, or duster, over your finger and give them a rub! While it is not guaranteed to solve your problem, it costs nothing and gave my last monitor another half year's life

  spuds 11 Apr 13

When I raised this question about a replacement monitor recently, a number of responses seem to suggest 'future-proof' and VGA monitor's are possibly no longer future-proof, and perhaps this is now reflecting on the lower prices for the bigger screen monitor. Editing videos or photographs might make you consider alternatives. Personally the model,reviews and price delivered in the link would certainly make me think about p#a purchase of that model.

Regarding what wee eddie as mentioned, this was a method used or suggested when 'missing pixel' was often queried on forums, but I haven't seen the method used lately, possibly because things have improved over the past few years. Still certainly worth a try though?.

  spuds 11 Apr 13

one thing that I forgot to mention on the reviews of the above monitor, is none of the reviews mention 'flimsy stand', which seems to attract a negative on some models?.

  spuds 11 Apr 13

Going on the Ebuyer link, you might want to consider Quicksearch 263863 at £85.55 with dvi and 3 year Acer warranty?.

  mart7 11 Apr 13

I have the lg monitor mentioned here by spuds and yes the stand is very very flimsy,i wouldnt recommend the lg for that reason

this acer has some good reviews


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