Macaonasa 00:34 09 Jun 03

I have a Dell Ultrascan P791 monitor. Today, after cleaning it with a damp cloth (water only), I noticed a blemish which looks like the monitor was scraped by a very rusty blade (that's my best description).

I can only guess that some sort of coating has started to peel off. Any ideas what might be causing it and what my grounds are for tackling Dell? They have sent me an e-mail which states that warranty doesn't cover any anti-glare coating but it looks like a deterioration in something more than anti-glare.

  Bluescreen 00:57 09 Jun 03

On the glass? On the case? where?

  Mysticnas 01:04 09 Jun 03

does look like an oily patch???

I don't want to sound horrid but maybe you haven't cleaned propperly and just smeared the grease and dirt around the screen???

I have a iiyama pro 454 monitor, which gets dirty with the odd finger print and general dust etc. What sort of cloth did you use?

I use a microfibre cloth and indeed even then if i don't buff up the screen to shine it still has grease marks on it.

I use a microfibre cloth and half of it i make damp. I use the damp bit to loosen dirt/grease then the dry bit to wipe up and just buff it up.

Comes out spotless. You can pick up a mircrofibre clother pretty cheap, you'll certainly find one in an opticians or a camera shop.

  Mysticnas 01:11 09 Jun 03

..i've miss understood.

  Migwell 01:16 09 Jun 03

Micro fibre full size dusters from Marks and Spencer for about £2.50 first class even use one to clean my glasses. I realy recomend these.

  Macaonasa 08:32 09 Jun 03

Thanks for your replies. Sorry - I meant the glass. I really use damp kitchen tissue - one sheet damp, one to dry and one to buff.

My ultimate fear is that too vigorous rubbing has damaged it.

  Mysticnas 19:57 09 Jun 03

i don't think this stuff can come off that easily. I mean they use chemicals to clean them in industry.

If you still can't get it off using the microfibre cloth then get in touch with the company. Failing that, you could make an insurance claim for it?

  Macaonasa 20:26 09 Jun 03

I'm still waiting for a response from Dell.

  hugh-265156 20:33 09 Jun 03

i use damp kitchen towel and a small amount of washing up liquid every few days and never did any harm.

  Macaonasa 21:47 09 Jun 03

My major problem is that I don't know the cause and, therefore, who is to blame.

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