Module problem

  daveac41 13:02 19 Jun 08

I have recently installed a 1Gb memory module. Startup information recognizes it, but Belarc, SiSoft and Crucial read it as 512mb, not 1Gb. Then I get the blue screen!!!!
Could I have knocked something?

Please assist

  ambra4 14:19 19 Jun 08

Re-seating the memory chip on the motherboard make sure it lock down or change the socket

  daveac41 16:12 19 Jun 08

Thanks Ambra4, I tried that, but still the Belarc, etc won't recognize it. No blue screen, though

  Ditch999 16:20 19 Jun 08

Is the BIOS set to Auto in relation to memory timings and settings?
Is this the only stick in the PC?

  ambra4 16:47 19 Jun 08

Is windows see it as 1GB right click - My Computer – Properties – General Tab

If yes that is all you need

  daveac41 19:19 19 Jun 08

Ditch999. I have been able to change Memory modules before, without having to touch BIOS.
I have 2 modules, and have tried using all modules in my two slots, but still the 1GB plays up. Have gone back to my original layout, 250+700. Suspect 1Gb may be a bummer - it's off E Bay!!

Ambra - it doesnt show in Windows

  ambra4 20:05 19 Jun 08

Suspect 1Gb may be a bummer - it's off E Bay!!

You could be right if not showing in windows and you get BSOD

  daveac41 22:01 19 Jun 08

OK thanks for all assistance - I'll return the stick..

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