Modems and Routers

  Jude65 15:39 PM 27 Jul 11

I have Virgin Broadband via a modem for my desktop pc. I want to purchase a laptop which I can use wirelessly around the house, do I connect a router to the modem for this purpose or do I have to have the router separately? I want to continue the desktop as it is via the modem. Would be grateful for any help as I find this all confusing. Thanks

  onthelimit1 18:22 PM 27 Jul 11

Suggest you contact Virgin, and ask them for an upgrade to a wireless router. When they tell you you'll have to pay, suggest you may change to another ISP. They will probably give you a router to maintain your custom.

  Strawballs 20:34 PM 27 Jul 11

I would go along with Jude65 but if you do wish to purchase one any one of these will do.

  Jude65 22:22 PM 27 Jul 11

Thanks for your help folks, will contact Virgin. I managed to get a discount on my Broadband thanks to this magazine. They were advising it for new customers and as we had the whole package, and I had read that one reader had managed to get a discount, tried my luck, and although it took 5 attempts did finally get a monthly discount, friends of mine in the same position managed to get a discount too. No way will I pay for a router so thanks for all the advice.


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