modem/dvd +/- rw discs

Having bought a second pc I would like it be connected to broadband as well.The computers are not networked. At present I have a BT Voyager ASDL modem. Is there any brand that you would recommend for a second one or are they all about the same - thinking of getting US Robotics or Zoom.

Also any internet sites where I can purchase dvd rw discs. Is there a difference in quality for mainly video recordings as there is such a wide variation in prices. Am I right in presuming the really cheap ones are not really of sufficient quality for good video recordings.

Thank you.

  Eagie 18:09 15 Mar 03

A couple of network cards (assuming that you motherboards don't already have ethernet built in) and a length of cable is surely the cheaper option and it means you can share files, printers etc easier.

Also, can two adsl modems use the same line at the same time? If not then that is another point in favour of networking as the two machines would be able to go online at the same time.

  -pops- 19:07 15 Mar 03

As it seems you're on BT, look up their wireless networking from their home page (Our Services, Wireless Network on their new fangled home page)


  crx16 22:41 15 Mar 03

there are some issues with different DVD media,concerning both recorders and players.sites like this click here can give you info.

click here is where i get my blank media,and they give info if the discs are unreliable for video use.

i bought 2 of there sample packs,a selection of there current stock,they've all worked for shouldnt have to pay much over £1 per disc,although i have seen some for as much as £7.50 EACH.

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