Modem wiring query.

  Bald Eagle 09:37 15 Dec 07

I can wire the modem up 2 ways, either a short telephone cable and 20 feet of ethernet cable or 20 feet of telephone and very short ethernet cable. Telephone wire to main BT incoming box. Which would be best and would I see a speed difference at all? ISP is TalkTalk up to 8 MeG and I consistently get 3.6 download 350 upload.


  Dipso 09:41 15 Dec 07

Always use a short telephone cable and a long ethernet cable for best results.

  Dipso 09:44 15 Dec 07

Post back with your line statistics before and after for comparison i.e. sync/connection speed, downstream noise margin, upstream noise margin, downstream line attenuation, upstream line attenution, these should all be available in your routers on-line interface.

  Bald Eagle 13:59 15 Dec 07

Connection speed 3737 down 443 up

Line attenuation 45.0 down 26.5 up

The only other reading I could find that may be noise margin is :-

SNR 15.0 down 20.5 up


  Bald Eagle 14:01 15 Dec 07

These are with the long telephone cable, posted them now so I don't lose them whilst changing cables over! This may take a while!


  Dipso 16:35 15 Dec 07

For info - you should be seeing nearer 7 Meg with those stats, while you are at it check this out click here

  Bald Eagle 05:22 21 Dec 07

Dipso,sorry about the long delay but it is Xmas time! Done as recommended but even then and with reversed cables no significant change in speeds. Not too worried because I don't download mega sized files and the speeds I'm getting compared with dialup are phenomenal. Once again thanks for your prompt advice, I've tidied up the phone cables no end!


  Dipso 09:04 21 Dec 07

Don't know if you'll see this as you've marked the thread as resolved won't see an immediate speed increase as it can take up to 5 days to update but you need to check for changes in your line stats, which is why I got you to note them before you touched the wiring.

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