Bonzy 11:04 07 May 03

My Pentium MMX Win 98 PC was struck by ligthening and had its internal modem damaged. That probably affected the port too because it wouldn't accept a replacement internal modem. On bootup it detects a new modem even though there is none in the PCI slots and no external modem installed either. In Control Panel/Systems/Device Manager/Modems, a modem is listed called Aztech AT 2320 (PnP) Data+Fax+Voice modem. The same shows in Control Panel/Modems/General tab. But on the Diagnosis tab it says no modem is installed on COM1. I removed it in General tab and restarted the machine but this same modem was detected and registered again even though there's no modem attached to it.
I decided to install an external modem. This time it was accepted and the installation was successful. However, in Modem Properties/General tab, the removed internal modem and the presently installed external modem are both listed. The absentee internal modem, ie Aztech AT 2320..... is on top and therefore the default. The same list is shown in Control Panel/Systems/Device Manager under Modems. But because the external modem is not the default, the machine reports 'No modem detected' on dial-up. I have to manually highlight the external modem in Modem Properties to achieve a successful dial-up to the ISP.
I realise I need to uninstall the driver for the internal modem completely but have failed. I have tried removing some modem drivers listed in Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs, but the problem persists. Or else, how do I make the external modem listed as the default so that dial-up will always go through?
I would be most grateful if anyone cuold help me here. Thanks in advance.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:09 07 May 03

Could try right click IE icon (blue e on desktop)
goto connections,settings,properties and in the drop down list at bottom where it says connect using pick the external modem.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:28 08 May 03

If you post things twice no -one knows what works and what does .


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:30 08 May 03

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