modem trouble. any one know what error 720 means

  computerdiv 10:20 11 Oct 05

hello. i'd like some help with getting on-line. each time i try to dial up i get this message. error =720. what does it mean. i have already replaced my modem encase it was faulty but the same massage appeared with the new one. i'm only on dial up.i have tried 2 different isp startup discs and the computer tells me that the hardware is running ok.
any advice welcome and thanks again for any previous help.

  Hamish 10:28 11 Oct 05

Try typing error =720 into Google. There are too many pages to list here. Hope this helps

  Methedrine 10:28 11 Oct 05
  Graham ® 12:51 11 Oct 05

Are you using a normal BT exchange line, not a PBX extension or payphone line?

  Stuartli 13:00 11 Oct 05

Have you followed/checked the advice in Methedrine's link?

It appears the most likely configuration culprit.

  computerdiv 12:19 08 Nov 05

thanks for the advice everyone. never got it going though. now on broadband.

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