modem speed help

  strech 14:15 05 Jan 07

i can anybody help please i have a 4 meg modem
and my download speed is 50 kb/ps which i very
slow iv been on to my isp and they tested the line and said it was fine
ive tryed all sorts of downloads and the speed
says the same do's anybody have any idears
thanks in advance

  Dipso 15:33 05 Jan 07

Is this broadband over a BT line (ADSL) or cable?

If ADSL, which modem?

  strech 16:08 05 Jan 07

telewest cable

  Gongoozler 16:15 05 Jan 07

How did you test the speed? The only reliable way is to use an online test facility such as click here

  strech 16:20 05 Jan 07

click here
done that one and this one

  brundle 16:25 05 Jan 07

What broadband speed are you paying for?

  strech 16:28 05 Jan 07

4 meg

  brundle 16:36 05 Jan 07

You should be seeing 450-480KB/sec downloads on that service. Has it always been slow or just recently? Or have you only just been hooked up to BB?

  strech 16:42 05 Jan 07

it's been like that for the last 3 months

  strech 16:44 05 Jan 07

just down loaded a program called tcp optimizer
and thats got it going to 100kb/ps

  brundle 17:47 05 Jan 07

That's a bit better but you should be seeing more like 480KB per sec - I expect Telewest have advised switching off the PC and modem for a few minutes, then switching on again (modem first) but always worth a try.
If you didn't know you can access the admin page for the Motorola (if it's a Surfboard model) by typing h--p:// into the address bar of your browser (replace -- with tt, it would have appeared as a link otherwise) - it may help if you decide to call them again, having a diagnostic page on your screen.

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