Modem and regognition in system using win98

  Giggle n' Bits 14:04 17 May 03

trying to fit a 56k/v92 PCI modem for a friend, in a old pc and system crashes when attempting to install drivers.

There is no PS/2 ports so the K/board is 5 pin din thing and Mouse is on a adapter to fit in a rear port the size of a parrellel socket type.

Bios had Com 3 set.

I have a feeling its something relating to the Comm ports but not sure how to sort it out.

Thinking about delete the com ports in device manager then reboot to reset them ?.

Any pointers welcome.

  Zaxifone 14:30 17 May 03



  Rtus 16:41 17 May 03

56k/v92 modems need a certain spec CPU are you certain the unit conforms to the modems minimum requirement? ..Please post what the units System spec is

  Rtus 20:54 17 May 03

as example...system requirements for sound blaster type V92 modem = 133Mhz Intel® Pentium® or higher compatible PC
16MB RAM (32MB or higher recommended)
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98FE/98SE/ME/2000/XP and NT
Available PCI expansion slot

  woodchip 21:12 17 May 03

There should be two com ports on the back of the comp, if you have a serial modem it will go in one of these you should also look at the manual that you got with the modem to find what com port it uses as you will not get it to work or recognise it until it is in the right com port

  woodchip 21:29 17 May 03

Is it internal or external

  Giggle n' Bits 23:00 17 May 03

This pc has 1x com port, 1x 5 pin Din and Parralell. It is a 64MB, PC Chips Mboard?, Built in Soundchip & VGA. The CPU is a AMD K6 233 or 266MHz.

I understand and feel the same with newer modems being V92 and PCI slot voltage difference etc.

The Modem is a Pacific "External" and I retrieved driver via (Thanks!) for a inf. file thats installed the modem and put it in the system.

But would it run/diagnostic or Dial etc, no chance.

All I can think is that the mboard or BIOS needs attention, not just a quick a;teration but a flash. clearing the CMOS also didn't help.

He has had enough, so I thank you M8 Rtus & Woodchip.

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