Modem problems

  maddison 17:41 05 Jun 03

I need help again!

I have inherited an old machine running Win95.

I have just installed a new modem, located it on COM1 port.

I have also a serial mouse on this machine which is also connected to COM1.

The machine cannot detect my modem but the modem shows on Device Manager and says all is fine.

I cannot dial out it says I get message telling me to switch on modem or that another device is using the line?

  DieSse 18:19 05 Jun 03

You cannot have two things connected to the same Com port.

Is this an internal modem? Try changing it to run on Com2

  Quiller. 18:34 05 Jun 03

Probably one of the easiest things to do is to delete the modem or it may simple communications device from device manager. Then look in add and remove programs for any reference to the modem, if there is any uninstall it.

If you now reboot windows should see it and assign a virtual port for it. Usually comm3 or comm4. You will then have to reinstall the drivers. Then everything should work.

The other thing that may be at fault is that comm2 is disabled in the bios.

  Stuartli 19:07 05 Jun 03

This may help (re comm assignments):

click here

  maddison 19:37 05 Jun 03

Com2 does not appear in device manager. How do I create it?

  DieSse 20:10 05 Jun 03

It's actually part of the modem, try following the link above - or post full details of your modem for further help (and your processor too please - yes it might matter).

  Quiller. 20:46 05 Jun 03

Your first port of call should be a look in the bios.

restart the machine and keep pressing delete. This should bring you to the bios \ cmos. Look for a main or sub heading of IRQ activities. Comm 2 should be on IRQ3. If it is disabled, change it to enabled by using the PgUp button. Press esc, then save settings and exit with a y.

  maddison 19:14 06 Jun 03

Thanks everyone1

I have done all the above but still getting nowhere. The modem is now on COM2 which has been enabled on the BIOS.
The port settings seem to be correct according to the manual but still I get the following message when trying to dial out: 'No modem indentified blah, blah'
The modem is recognised on Device Manager and everywhere else.
When run the diagnostic and ask for more info on the moden I get this ' cannot read port name from registry' then I get the info for the port.
Modem type: OPine 56K PCI V.90 with Conexant Chipset PCI HSF

  Quiller. 22:36 06 Jun 03

Now that you have Comm2 up and running. Have you deleted the modem from device manager and rebooted. It is possible that windows is using a generic driver for the modem, which is useless.

This should give you a virtual port for the modem.

Also have you tried "query modem" from control panel - modem.

  DieSse 23:15 06 Jun 03

HSF modems will often not work on Windows95 - check the box and instructions carefully - I have had many such new modems that won't.

  Quiller. 23:22 06 Jun 03

One thing that is always worth a try with modems is to try a different PCI slot. For some reason the lower they are placed down the board, the more likley they are to work. lol

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