Modem prob with vista

  hanhan1234 19:02 25 Sep 07

I have just bought a Dell PC and am having probs trying to install my modem. Its a smartAX MT882 modem and im running Vista on my PC. When i try to install it my PC is unable to detect the modem. I use Talk Talk if thats any relevance?!! Can anyone please help as this is driving me mad!!!

  skidzy 19:20 25 Sep 07

Have you checked there are Vista drivers availble for your modem ?

  hanhan1234 19:31 25 Sep 07

Would the drivers come on the installation disk that came with my modem?! If yes talk talk told me that the modem and disk should work fine

  skidzy 19:37 25 Sep 07

Just had a look around Google and its a big problem getting this modem to work.

Try click here you need to register for the free account.

  hanhan1234 19:40 25 Sep 07

Thanks thats very kind of u! Any suggestions or is it just a crap modem?!

  skidzy 19:44 25 Sep 07

Have you ran the software ? click here

Are you using the ethernet connection or the usb connection.

The ethernet connection would be best if you have an ethernet card fitted in the pc.

  skidzy 19:46 25 Sep 07
  hanhan1234 19:49 25 Sep 07

Yes i have ran the software, and have tried both the cables(not at the same time!)but no luck! Do u know any websites that could help?

  skidzy 19:58 25 Sep 07

You must uninstall the software if using the ethernet cable !

If you use Ethernet you wont need to install any software on your PC. Simply:-

~ Connect the router to your computers Network card using the supplied network cable
~ Browse to click here
~ Log in using the default settings username = admin and password = admin
~ From the left hand menu select Basic
~ Select WAN settings
~ Click on the pencil icon on the top right hand side
~ Set your username and password as given in your TalkTalk welcome letter
which should be in the format of [email protected]
~ Click Submit
~ Click Save all
~ Click OK

  skidzy 20:03 25 Sep 07

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