modem not working

  merc. 20:00 24 Aug 04

started up computer tonight and my speedtouch 330 modem will not connect.

when powering up the usb light flashes 3 times the adsl light nothing,when computer is running they are no lights on at all, have change phone cable and also tried the usb in different socket.

modem is 16 months old and had no problems so far.

o.p. XP


  Graham ® 20:15 24 Aug 04

Lot of lightning damage at the moment. Have you been struck? Have a look in Device Manager for the modem and USB status.

  merc. 20:29 24 Aug 04

have not had any lighting as of lately, had a look in device manager but it did not mean much to me not that tech. minded. Have tried the trouble shooting for modem.

thanks for reply.


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