Modem Noise when phone rings

  borisb 15:24 10 Jan 04

Feed-back not required.

I have an unusual problem concerning my phone line and my modem.

Whenever my computer is switched on, but I am not on the Internet, when I receive an incoming phone call I get this loud feed-back noise through my modem.

The only way at present I can stop this loud feed-back is to dial out myself to connect to the Internet, and then immediately cancel the connection.

Disconnecting the phone line from the wall socket when this problem occurs has no effect.

This problem only started when I bought a new computer over a year ago.
My previous computer had no similar problems. So I know the BT phone-line is ok.

Incidentally, this problem does not occur when my computer is in stand-by mode.
I can receive incoming phone calls without problem or feed-back.

Please could you help.

OS : Windows XP (home)
Modem: Generic SoftK56

Clive Daggett.

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