Modem nightmare

Hello all,trying to contect to internet via 56k modem have trued 2 internal and 1 external all are working modems but still will not connect also tried 2 different landlines system recognises modems also.system is running 98 trying to conect to bt yahoo

  cycoze 16:40 23 Mar 04

Try dialing from the PC to a mobile phone , just to make sure the modem is working and getting out , by checking this it whittles down the possibilities , if it works , then you know to start looking at your internet settings , is it fails you know to look at the modem setup.

  JerryJay 17:08 23 Mar 04

For some isps (maybe most), you cannot make any dialup connection if you hide caller id (i.e. withhold your number when you make call). You need to disable this or put prefix (cannot remmeber what 1???).

  Cuddles 17:55 23 Mar 04

I think what JerryJay means is put ,,1470 in front of the number to be dialled.

  Totally-braindead 19:26 23 Mar 04

I believe call waiting does this as well, in order for the modem to work it has to be disabled

no call waiting on either line the system has been tested on but slight progress the external one works but neither of the internal ones ???( I know the easy answer)but any thoughts on the internal problem

  JerryJay 22:45 23 Mar 04

Got correct drive software?

  cycoze 22:47 23 Mar 04

did you try phoning out ?

yep for sure x2 thinking along the lines of reg problems to many drivers and modems even thou deleted modem each time

on one of the modem and did not get tone but thick that was a different prob that has been resolved will try any surjestions tomorrow thanks for help so far

  JerryJay 22:54 23 Mar 04

Try different PCI slot, maybe IRQ conflict or something. Did you sit modem tightly?

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