Modem Installation Problem - Can anyone help me?

  Kefty 09:49 04 Mar 03

Hi please can you help?
After reformatting hard drive and reinstalling Win98 I have had a problem installing my modem. The plugnplay detected the modem, I installed and then when I went to connect the modem was not detected? After reboot a new hardware device is detected and the loop starts again. ie hardware detected, I install modem only to find that it cannot be detected when I go to connect to web.

I have tried deleting all devices with yellow exclamation mark and rebooting. This has not worked as I dont know where to point for the PCI drivers? Can anyone help or anyone got any suggestions on how I get this modem working.

The pc has not moved and was working fine (including modem) before I reformattted. Wish I hadnt now. It is a 3 year old Gatway pc with support disks that are not very helpful. I have Win98 and Modem CD's but unsure of Modem type.


  MAJ 09:57 04 Mar 03

You'll have to load the modem drivers to get it recognised. The drivers will be on that Modem CD you have. Insert the CD and right click on your CD-ROM icon in "My Computer", choose "Explore" and the contents of the CD will appear. Look for a folder, possibly, called Drivers, or Modem or something similar. When the Modem is detected on bootup, re-insert the CD and point Windows to the folder (on the CD) with the drivers.

  Kefty 10:06 04 Mar 03


The pc is asking for PCI communicatiuonm device drivers. Where are they please?

  MAJ 10:13 04 Mar 03

That's your modem, Kefty.

  Kefty 10:15 04 Mar 03

will try this

  Wak 11:53 04 Mar 03

Kefty, I've had problems in the past with the computer recognising new hardware and then not installing it properly. You finish up with two items, one looking OK and the other with a yellow exclamation mark.
If you then remove the one with the yellow mark, you get back to the original problem and do repeats.
I have often found that removing the one that looks OK gives the computer a chance to select an IRQ for the other one and then installs it properly and everything is then OK.
It's certainly worth a try if you are still having problems.

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