modem installation don't work

looking at a friends computer where the modem didn't work, kept saying it was going to install PCI Comms device and where was the driver, when pointed to the driver it said nodriver there. was advised (on here) to buy a new modem, got one, a 56k fax modem. I am having the same problem, win asking for driver for PCI Comms device, says its not on installation disk.. also in modems diagnostics says can't open port....Anybody any ideas.. Dave

  woodchip 19:36 18 Aug 03

Is the Modem card fitted in a small slot intead of PCI slot

  woodchip 19:38 18 Aug 03

If it is it's ether AMR or CNR modem in which case you have to load the port drivers from motherboard CD before it can see the modem

Modem is a PCI 56K Fax Modem

  woodchip 19:56 18 Aug 03

You have to point it to the correct driver on the installation disc it will be there. Try installing through the Add New Hardware wizard. Or modem in Control Panel. You need to read the instructions for the correct port other wise it will never work

done that .. wrote the modle number of the card before install. double checked it was right driver. I have used Add New hardware wizard, 'add' in modems .. am out of ideas

  woodchip 20:16 18 Aug 03

Is there a jumper on the Card to alter IRQ and Port if so try changing it

no jumpers whatever on board

  woodchip 20:35 18 Aug 03

What happens when you try to load the modem exactly

win says modem sucessfully loaded , on diagnostics says cant open port

  woodchip 21:12 18 Aug 03

It is obviously choosing the wrong port when it's loading. When you go through the Add New Hardware Wizard it normally gives you the choice of which port to install to. But you need to check which it's on now, and then uninstall the modem and try through the wizard but choose another port. choose show devices and choose modem have disc

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