\modem drivers required

  plsndrs3 20:03 25 Jun 04

I have been given Tornado FMV-56.0-e & Hewlett Packard UM9800-W external modems, both without drivers. I have downloaded a driver for the HP from driverguide.com, but this caused 'serious errors' on my PC which made it reboot and the driver was never sccessfully installed on my PC - so I'm a tad reluctant to look for the Tornado. Has anyone got any recommendations?

Running XP home on an e Machine 2.8.



  Dorsai 20:20 25 Jun 04

I would just buy a new modem, mine was £25.00 ish, and works just fine, came with working drivers....and i am sure that better prices can be got on line...it does take a bit more savvy to install an internal modem than an external one but there are plenty of us out there would would walk you through it..unless you have a lap top,,but then m0dem cards (i think they are called) can't be too expensive...

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