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Modem dialling sounds

  birkdalite 13:22 01 Feb 03

I have always understood that the " screetching and wailing " came from the modem card and has nothing to do with one's sound system.However having just fitted a new modem (softK56 data/fax)I find comes through my system and is controllable
with the volume control !! Is this new??

  graham 13:34 01 Feb 03

usually have their own little speaker. If you turn the sound system off you should still hear the noises.

  « Ravin » 13:37 01 Feb 03

not really..most modems have volume control in the modem properties. my old computer had 4 volume settings but my current one has 2 - on and off!

  Old PC man 13:44 01 Feb 03

It's new to me. I've never heard of a modem dialing tone passing through the sound system.

How is the audio output from the modem connected to the sound card for a start?

Even on-board sound chips wouldn't be connected automatically-or would they?

If you switch off your speakers can you still hear the dialling tones?

  Djohn 13:54 01 Feb 03

birkdalite, It might be because the new momdem is a SOFT one, as this uses resources from the CPU via the M/Board

  Stuartli 13:54 01 Feb 03

Most computer cases have a small speaker - you can set the modem's volume from zero to full as you wish:

ControlPanel>Modem>Highlight>Properties>General and set the volume level you require.

I prefer to hear the modem in action as you can tell immediately if the connection has not been made.

  Stuartli 13:57 01 Feb 03

I have an on-board C-Media 8738 sound chipset - it is not affected by the modem speaker setting.

  Ironman556 14:04 01 Feb 03

If you can't use the volume control (some don't work) then you could go to Modems in comtrol panel, properties, the connection tab, then advanced. Under extra setting type ATM0 [ATM Zero] (or ATM=0, not sure which). ATM1, ATM2 and ATM3 do different things too, but I can't remember what. It turned the dialling sounds off for me.

  birkdalite 14:37 01 Feb 03

T'would seem I'm not the only one flummoxed!
A few points arising: yes I also thought each modem had it's own speaker and this has indeed it's own vol control which has no effect if my sound system is off.
The onboard sound is disabled.
Something else strange,with sound on,I get telephone dialling sound as though I am actually doing the dialling myself. Djohn sounds the most interesting theory any one expand on it?

  Djohn 15:05 01 Feb 03

click here may help. Regards J.

  birkdalite 15:42 01 Feb 03

Thanks Djohn QED. I wondered why it was so cheap Cheers Roy

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