modem connection noises

  birkdalite 13:46 28 Apr 03

A friend who contrary to most, likes to hear the screetches as his modem connects, but since changing to XP he has tried 3 different modems on his pc, each of which works perfectly but without dialup sounds.He has tried at my suggestion to use ATM 1 in the advanced properties , but still nothing. Can anyone help please?

  DaddyBear 13:54 28 Apr 03

Are these internal or external modems? An internal one may not have a speaker on, which would explain the lack of (Frankly, majorly annoying, especially at 3am) screeches and wailing etc. The external ones just need the volume turning up on the box...


PS... I'm sure we're all wondering.... WHY?? Why does he want to hear the noises? :o)

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