MeandHer 09:49 13 Jul 08

I am on windows xp sp3 and with AOL.
I am still on the BT VOYAGER 105 modem from when I first got broadband.
I have seen mentioned on some boards about ADSL2 MODEMS.
Do they increase your speed /connection any better ?
If so what adsl2 modem should I be looking for ?
I don't want wireless or anything flashy.
May seem like a bit of a dumb post, but I really don't no a lot about computers etc and I no a lot of you regulars do.

  ambra4 10:09 13 Jul 08

Are happy with your present USB modem?

Do you want to network a second computer?

If the answer to the first question is Yes and the answer to the second is No

Forget about ASDL2 modem/wireless router until you need it and stay with what you have

An ASDL2+ modem/wireless router is if you intend to network more than one computer to allow

file sharing plus an printer with the option to allow wireless access to wireless devices

  MeandHer 23:11 14 Jul 08

Thanks for reply.

  ambra4 02:17 15 Jul 08

Glad to be of help


Tick the box and click resolved

  Ditch999 11:57 15 Jul 08

ADSL2+ has nothing to do with networking, file sharing or wireless connections.
The next generation of broadband services are being based on a technology called ADSL2+. This works in a similar way to ADSL but the frequency range is different and this, depending on line conditions, can offer faster speeds. ADSL as used at the moment can offer speeds up to 8Mbps whereas ADSL2+ could theoretically offer up to 24Mbps. This would be of great benefit to you if you download a lot, watch services like the BBC iPlayer or 4oD as the speed is 3x greater.
If you are in an ADSL2+ area and your ISP is supplying ADSL2+ then if it were me I would be getting an ADSL2+ modem (I already have one but my exchange is not enabled until May 09) An Adsl2+ modem should also give you slightly better speeds and a better connection than the old BT Voyager 105 you currently have.
If you want to check your exchange click here and type in your phone number and it will tell you the exchange status.

  Ditch999 12:05 15 Jul 08

Before anyone says
I know that the 105 is capable of 8128kbps download and 832kbps upload which is the most ADSL Max can supply.
I am trying to compare a BT 105 to an ADSL2+ modem which would be like comparing a Ford Mondeo to a Ferrari!

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