eljanno 16:30 23 Oct 03

Hi Guy's
Just a quick one if someone could give me a clue please.
My mate is having a problem with his modem he is getting the message "No Dial Tone" he has replace all the cables and is still getting this message, could the internal modem be bust.
Thanks again

  Stuartli 16:38 23 Oct 03

Check the modem out first in Device Manager>Modem>highlight model and click Properties.

From Control Panel you can "Query" the modem in similar fashion.

If all is OK then it will most likely be something to do with the phone connection cable or RJ11 cable from the rear of the modem.

Good source of help is:

click here

it could be but has he picked up the phone and dialled 1571 to check for messages as this messes with the dial tone.

  Taff36 16:44 23 Oct 03

Not being funny but has your friend checked the telephone line and made sure the dial tone is continuous? If it is interrupted i.e. BT messenger service indicating a message is waiting - the modem will probably say no dial tone. (I got caught out with this one)

  eljanno 17:05 23 Oct 03

No he's not got any call minder or waiting services, and everything looks fine in device manager. As i said he has replaced all the cable for new ones.

  MichelleC 17:22 23 Oct 03

I'm not on dialup, but there's an option somewhere which says something like 'do not wait for dial tone to dial' or similar. I think it's in options of dialup popup for ie.

  Epoc 18:34 23 Oct 03

Providing you can query the modem and get no errors I would try this: go into Control Panel, there will be a Phone and Modem Options icon. Click on this. A window will open, click on the tab called Modems. Click on the one you are using and click Properties. A window should open with all the properties, on XP there is a tab called modem, at the bottom there is an option to Wait for Dial Tone, try unticking it. If this doesn't work, try phoning the internet number, you sould get a load of noise from the ISP servers. Also you could try to lower the Maximum Port Speed.

  eljanno 21:31 23 Oct 03

I'll pass this info on thanks again guy's

  Jester2K II 21:49 23 Oct 03

Check the cable is in the right socket too... Should be in the LINE socket and not the PHONE one....

Also remove any "splitters" if he is using them...

  Stuartli 23:47 23 Oct 03

That was one of my thoughts but I was on my way out for the Guinness run....

It's Wait for Dial Tone and can be found in Control Panel, Modem, Properties.

  woodchip 23:52 23 Oct 03

It could be on the wrong port or IRQ conflict etc

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