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  Diemmess 14:56 10 Dec 06

W2000K Aol etc all running normally, touch wood!

On opening one information-only website for which I have responsibilty, it too opens and behaves.
BUT - on opening this site, Zone Alarm flags (blue-green) that is seeking access.
If I deny it access it clears, no other problem and it doesn't return during that session.

Google has little to offer except one website which seems useless and innocuous.

I have run CCleaner Spybot and Ad-aware none seem to flag anything except one Alexa.

I'm not worrying at present but hate things I can't explain.

If anyone cares to look at the website click here I would like proof that I am the ONLY one to see a reference to

  Bandy 17:48 10 Dec 06

When viewing the site I get the comment that the website wants to run the following:

Micrsoft Data Access - Remote Data Services Dat ..... 'from Microsoft Corporation' then the usual if you trst the site 'click here'

  Diemmess 17:52 10 Dec 06

Thanks Bandy that's a start if not what I was expecting.
There should be absolutel no intrusions or pop-ups, just a home page.

  Diemmess 18:49 10 Dec 06

Now I'm on the edge of panic!
I should belong to the pre-beginners group as far as website managment goes.

You may be right but how do I correct this?
How can I see the code you are seeing?

(Silly Twisted Boy ... I assumed only I could meddle with codes on that website, which I took over because nobody else would!)

  phil 19:16 10 Dec 06

Looks like you've tucked a piece of code away for use later on and forgotten it was there.

Open the page in your editor, scroll right to the bottom and remove all the code below the < / html > tag

Save, close and re-publish.

I can't quite see the connection between a Glaarstershur village website and a City Comprehensive in Newcastle though.

  Diemmess 19:47 10 Dec 06

The problem will have to wait till tomorrow for attention I have conflicting family interests now.

  Diemmess 16:10 11 Dec 06

The question was answered by a variety of replies from those who looked at my website. itself was coincidental.

Trying to find out how to be rid of this anomaly is the subject of a separate thread
click here

The answer to my problem in the meantime seems to be to republish the whole site.

An obvious thing to try, but unsatisfactory not knowing why it was necessary.
Perhaps this problem is like most versions of Windows where sooner or later something goes off the rails and it is best to return to a previously good system.

  DavidAllen 17:36 20 Dec 06

If you look at your homepage - you will see the problem has returned
Problem is with your host - all index.htm files on that server appear to have the same problem.
That code is a hidden malware downloader (I think).

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