Mobo spec advice before buying

  sacza 17:20 19 Jan 06

I am happy to build a new PC but it's ages since I bought my Asus A7V mobo and have spent money on adding peripherals which I would like to harvest to the new build. Can anyone tell me of a 'Best Buy' mobo which has a parallel printer port, AGP Pro slot for my ATI graphics card, ATX format, min 3 x USB 2.0s 4 x IDE slots, min 3 x PCI slots. Or direct me to a website where I can see at a glance a comparison. Happy to spend £120 on a mobo but would like to use my AMD Athlon 800 processor if poss. Throw any other advice my way if you wish! Thanks. Sacza

  xania 19:36 19 Jan 06

I don't think you'll have much joy with those IDE (I think you mean ISA) slots, or do you mean that you want to attach 4 EIDE devices - they'll all do that except where SATA has replaced them. That apart, most mobos will provide what you want. The only exception is that many of the pricier board have PCI-E to replace ADP, and you need to be sure that your ADP cared is supported by the mobo. I'd be surprised if you needed to spend anything near your budget - indeed your money will buy a lot more on Ebay click here.

  howard63 19:37 19 Jan 06

I think you had better stick to what you have until you are ready to go the whole way. Now you are looking at amd 64 with probably the socket 939 most of which motherboards use pci express graphics rather than agp.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 19 Jan 06

Sorry but its a waste of time considering a new motherboard and using your old processor. All new motherboards come with lots of USB 2.0 ports, typically 6. You'd be better getting something like this click here or this click here

  Totally-braindead 20:00 19 Jan 06

Forgot one thing though, your old power supply might not be able to cope so you may be better off getting something like this click here

  sacza 13:28 20 Jan 06

Thanks to everyone who replied. I have decided to stick with what I've got for now. Gonna add a PCI USB 2.0 card and upgrade to XP for now. Sacza

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