mobo replacement

  Kate B 01:53 17 Aug 06

Hurrah, I've finally got the new mobo for my beast. Quick question: I am swopping the old one out for a new one of exactly the same model. Do I need to reinstall Windows etc or should everything be as it was? All the motherboard drivers were installed before the failure and I'd rather not have to reinstall Windows from scratch if I don't have to.

  Diodorus Siculus 03:49 17 Aug 06

There should be no problem doing a swap over; same hardware will be fine.

However, if you have any legitimate fears, boot first time with XP CD and choose the repair console.

  AndySD 04:38 17 Aug 06

Hi Kate

Just put it in and boot it up.

If it doesnt work panic and run arround in circles.

Honestly it should as Diodorus Siculus be no problem at all, this has only failed once with me and it was because I changed the motherboard chipset from via to nvidia and it was fixed by booting with the XP cd and choosing the Repair instalation.


  Kate B 11:10 17 Aug 06

Splendid, thanks guys. That's what I thought, just wanted to hear the expert confirmation.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:37 17 Aug 06

Good luck with it all and we look forward to seeing the beast in action again!

  Kate B 21:14 17 Aug 06

Thanks - though I can promise you you are not looking forward to it half as much as I am!

  Kate B 23:51 20 Aug 06

Update: the mobo switch seems to have done the job and it's purring along beautifully now, complete with the upgraded cards: I now have two 7900 GTX 512MBs in SLI. Haven't had a chance to fire up Oblivion yet but I will do so tomorrow.

*dances with joy*

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