Mobo and RAM question...

  Thurrafork 15:17 08 Sep 08

Hello all
I'm soon to be building a new PC for a friend - I've never done such a thing before so it is going to be an exciting voyage of discovery/cataclysm.
I'm just researching components at the moment so things are at a very preliminary stage.
I'm looking at Intel motherboards and can't really decide between p45 and x48 chipsets, what do you all think?
Also I was looking into using DDR3 rather than DDR2 ram, but maybe this would be unnecessary. He won't be doing much gaming or music production, he will however be doing some video editing. Will that massively benefit from DDR3?
Thanks in advance folks.

  citadel 19:12 08 Sep 08

p45 and x48 are the latest boards, p45 will do for yor needs. asus p5qc ip45 can use ddr2 or ddr3. if you get ddr3 you can use it in future motherboards as they are all going to be ddr3. a quad core cpu would be good for video editing.

  Thurrafork 11:28 09 Sep 08

Thanks for the suggestion Citadel - I'll look into that.
Yes I was thinking quad core too, but then I was unsure because I'm sure remember reading that processor speed was more of a factor than core number in things like editing. Do modern editing programs - eg premiere - take full advantage of multicore cpu's?

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