Mobile Signal booster?!?!

  .:?:. 23:22 29 Oct 06

Basically do these actually work?

Anyone used them before?


Thanks in advance [=

  Totally-braindead 23:23 29 Oct 06

Is this something for a computer or are you refering to the things for mobile phones?

  .:?:. 23:27 29 Oct 06

For mobile phones

sorry I know its not the right forum, but thought you guys might have something to say about them

  Ashrich 23:28 29 Oct 06

No , they don't seem to do anything at all.....


  skidzy 23:32 29 Oct 06

Agree with Ashrich,ive tried and tested them and see absolutely no difference in signal strenghth.

I know its quiet tonight,but mobile phone Booster's !!! :-)

  Totally-braindead 23:41 29 Oct 06

Mate had one and he said it did nothing.

Never had one myself as I've never felt I needed one.

  .:?:. 23:42 29 Oct 06

cheers skidzy/ashrich

I was only wondering cos Im getting fed up with having to go for a walk away from the house just to send a simple text!! lol

  Totally-braindead 23:46 29 Oct 06

See if your mates who are on different networks get better reception with their phones in your house and if they do you could change network perhaps. £10 to get phone unlocked and a few quid for a different network card.
Just a thought.

  .:?:. 00:34 30 Oct 06

Thanks [=

My family are on different networks to me, and mine works best around the place....

so looks like I'm stuck with the walks! lol

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