Mobile phones, using the internet / billing

  Bailey08787 13:58 20 Apr 07


Can someone just explain to me how billing works when using your mobile phone to access the internet?

Is it charged per minute you're connected? and if so, are these minutes just subtracted from the minutes you get as part of your tariff?

My tariff includes texts and minutes only - no download allowance

I don't get download allowance either - some operators offer 1mb, some offer 20mb

Is this, for example, for downloading music tracks?

Or do you use some of your download allowance if for example you open up an attachment sent in an email?

I would like to access the internet from my phone pretty regularly (on an ad hoc basis) an not run up too much of a bill - but at the same time, is it worth me paying an extra tenner a month to get these download allowances, if all i'm gonna be doing really is surfing the internet?


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