Mobile PHone Modem for Laptop

  chaztait 17:14 22 Mar 05

Hi i have a Nokia 6230 and i want to use it as a modem for my laptop. I have the cable for it and the Nokia PC Suite..I have tried to connect it but no hope anyone know how to make it act as a modem for the internet.



  chaztait 17:26 22 Mar 05

i think that it is possible but i dont really know

  chaztait 17:31 22 Mar 05

but it aint via infrared or bluetooth its through a data cable

  chaztait 17:32 22 Mar 05


  Modo 17:33 22 Mar 05

Nokia PC Suite isn't the software - what you need is the software from your mobile provider.

Have you got Connection software e.g. Vodafone ConnectMe on your laptop?

As a standby a GPRS or preferably 3G connection using your mobile phone as the modem is fine.

But be warned it is mind numbingly expensive and with GPRS dreadfully slow. Much cheaper to use a wireless laptop and find a hot spot. You can now get half way reasonably priced deals for access with many providers. My broadband supplier Eclipse allows me to access many hotspots throughout the UK. I believe the BT deal is excellent on price as well, as long as you can live with their execrable broadband service.

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