Mobile IP devices

  AtlanticCity2004 11:41 18 Jan 14

As I understand it, a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, phone etc. uses Mobile IP to connect to "foreign networks" when away from home. My question is this, does anyone know if ALL traffic is routed/redirected to the "care-of address" by the home agent? OR is only the first packet fragmented so the sending node knows the foreign address, and where to send traffic. If all traffic were to be routed through the home address surely this would mean high latency / slow speeds?

Thanks in advance! John.

  alanrwood 12:13 19 Jan 14

I believe that you simply connect to the foreign ISP direct which has an arrangement with your local mobile ISP to raise charges etc. As you say it would be a waste of traffic to route everything through your home ISP.

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