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  scoobydoo12 23 Apr 11

Hi I am using vodafone mobile broadband while on holiday. I am able to receive emails but am having a problem sending them. There is no error message it just times out. I have rebooted laptop but am getting nowhere - had the same problem a few weeks ago - the email i was sending just sat in my outbox until I got home. Any suggestions appreciated

  mgmcc 23 Apr 11

The general rule is that you must send mail using the SMTP server of the ISP with which you are connected to the internet. At the moment, that means using Vodafone's SMTP server. Your email program will almost certainly be configured to use the SMTP server of your home broadband provider, which won't work with the Vodafone connection.

  scoobydoo12 23 Apr 11

I understand that but this has only started happening recently. Is there a way round it? Thanks for your response

  mgmcc 23 Apr 11

The only way round it is to use an SMTP server that will let you send via Vodafone's connection. If you are unable to use Vodafone's own SMTP server then, if you have a Gmail (Googlemail) account, you should be able to send via their SMTP server, but you will need to use SMTP Authentication, i.e. you have to log in similarly to the way you log in to retrieve mail from a POP3 account with a Username/Password.

  scoobydoo12 23 Apr 11

Thanks for your help. Will see what I can try

  Border View 23 Apr 11

I had the same problem. When away I use a yahoo e-mail address to send and receive via the mobile broadband dongle.

  scoobydoo12 24 Apr 11

Ok thanks will give that a try.

  woodchip 24 Apr 11

I use my Daughters T-Mobil Web and Walk Dongle, and this works in conjunction with Orange Network so it gets better signal and not bad if you are in a good spot to use it

  woodchip 24 Apr 11

PS if you are using Vodafone mobile broadband while on holiday, How do you connect to Broadband????? As far as I know there is no such thing as Mobile Broadband. Mobile Dongle is not Broadband, it uses the Mobile Network the Cell phones use

  mgmcc 25 Apr 11

"As far as I know there is no such thing as Mobile Broadband"

Yes there is. Mobile Broadband dongles use HSDPA technology (High Speed Download Packet Access) over the cell phone networks. This technology supports download speeds of 1.8, 3.6, 7.2 and 14.4 Megabits per second, although performance can be erratic depending on general network traffic.


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