mobile broadband

  the reason 23:26 13 Nov 10

can my internet search history be tracked if i am using a mobile broadband dongle on a computer that is provided by an it company?

  Forum Editor 23:41 13 Nov 10


The Pros and Cons of CYA

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  ashleycardwell94 17:31 05 Dec 10

even if in Incognito ( google chrome ) In private ( Internet explorer )?

  Ian in Northampton 19:03 05 Dec 10

Ashley: all that working in those modes does is clear your history from your PC, laptop or whatever. A company's server - if that's what the OP is accessing the net via - will usually still have a record of the URLs visited by any given user.

  MarvintheAndroid 01:35 25 Dec 10

Agree. Assume noting s private.
The best you can do if you are really concerned is to use an anonymiser proxy which masks your true IP address.

  MarvintheAndroid 01:36 25 Dec 10

Sorry for crp speling, trying to type lying down, can't see the keys.

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