HXP 02:49 22 May 04

Hi All,

Hope someone can help with a PDA question - hope this isn't just PC helproom ! If it is apologies I will close thread.

I have just got an iPAQ 2210 and am a bit confused on the difference between MMC & SD cards.
I have used a PQI MMC card from my Zaurus in and it works fine.

It seems MMC is cheaper than SD so am i ok to stick with MMC or am I missing something about SD (is it the write lock on SD that bumps up the price?)

On last thing there seem to be different speed cards out there as usual faster = nore £.

Any help appreciated especially if anyone out there has an iPAQ and runs MMC cards on it.

PS It's a great PDA and linking it to my PC I can surf the net from it which is great after failing with my Zaurus which was running Linux.

  Falkyrn 07:39 22 May 04

click here
for definition of mmc card

click here
for definition of SD card

Basically they are similar specification products of different manufacturers, the SD cards were a late comer to the market and were initially intended to replace multimedia cards as they were developed with higher capacity

  Stuartli 09:17 22 May 04

Secure Digital (SD) cards are encrypted for additional security and are slightly faster than MultiMedia Cards (MMC).

Many products, such as digital cameras, which use SD cards are usually also able to work with MMC cards as well; however, this is not gospel and should be checked from the manual.

  Stuartli 09:22 22 May 04

More info on SD/MCC:

click here

  HXP 15:50 22 May 04

Thanks to all my decision is made I will go for 256 mb mmc card as it's cheaper and the speed is not crucial.


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