Mixing wireless and powerline adaptors?

  AlistairW 17:19 03 Jun 07

I've got Bt wireless broadband and like many people find it good close to the router but not so hot at the extremities of the house.

I'm impressed by the look of these new 'plug-in' wired systems that go into normal power sockets - in fact it almost seems too good to be true.

Can you mix the systems - ie plug one into the ethernet port on the back of the wireless router and use another to plug in say the laptop when getting a poor wireless signal. Could you even plug one of these adaptors into an xbox or ps2 for online connections?

If the systems mix, it would be a simple solution for most people with wireless signal problems.


  Ashrich 00:26 04 Jun 07

Yes , they can come in two flavours , or at least the Netgear ones do , either wires from the plug socket to your PC , or you can get a wireless module that also plugs into the socket , so the first connector goes into the router and the other can give you remote wireless in those hard to reach places !


  AlistairW 01:25 04 Jun 07

Excellent, thanks for that.

This seems like a real step forward for people who, like me, don't have enough knowledge/time/inclination to run Cat 5 wiring around the home.


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