Mixing different DDR Ram types in one computer.

  Splodge 20:52 12 Mar 04

Hi all,

I have 2 x 256Mb of PC3200 (DDR400) DDR SDRAM (Dual Channel DDR) in my new computer.

I also have spare 2 x 256Mb DDR 2100 SDRAM and two spare slots available.

Can I use the old RAM in my computer although I realise it might slow things down a bit?


  LastChip 20:57 12 Mar 04

As a general rule, it's unwise to mix RAM, but occasionally it works with no problem.

However, if you start getting unexplained errors, this is the first place to go and remove it.

You are correct in the assumption it will slow down a little. The system can only work at the lowest common denominator.

  Carm0 20:57 12 Mar 04

yes but the memory will all run at the 2100 speed

  gudgulf 20:58 12 Mar 04

You can use it but you will find it will run at the slower speed.
Are you running xp? as earlier version are not designed for more than 512Mb of ram.

  Splodge 21:01 12 Mar 04

Thanks for the input.

I am running XP and I suspect that 4 x 256Mb of different speeds will still be better thab 2 x 256Mb of the faster stuff.

Is that correct?

  gudgulf 21:03 12 Mar 04

Only one way to find out!! ;o)

  Splodge 21:05 12 Mar 04

Yeah I know?

I have just blown a perfectly good computer by my tinkering.

Unfortunately I am a great believer in "suck it and see"!

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