malwarehater 03:19 06 Oct 05


This may be a silly question but on my new pc i have two 256 DDR SDRAM memory modules, (totalling 512 altogether)......both are Samsung PC3200(200 Mhz).......And i have an old pc with two memory modules, one 512mb(PC2700) and the other is 256mb.

Is there any problem mixing a PC3200 module with a PC2700 module?

Because i was wondering if i could take the 512mb module out of the old pc and replace one of the 256mb modules in the new pc with it.?

Making the total RAM on the new pc 768mb.

Thanks in advance.

  AndySD 04:03 06 Oct 05

You may be able to BUT the ram will only run at the speed of the slowest module and if the FSB of the new pc is greater than 333 (PC2700 is DDR333)then it wont boot.(PC3200 is DDR400}

  DieSse 07:57 06 Oct 05

It's also very possible that they won't run well together, and give you strange intermittent problems, such as blue screens, corruptions, etc.

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