Mixing 2GB RAM with 4GB Module

  T@M 08 Mar 12

Hi all

Just ordered a Levono Thinkpad x121e (i3 version) which comes with 2GB DDR3 - 1333MHz (1 DIMM) installed.

Rather than paying the crazy amount Levono want to increase the RAM I plan to buy extra from elsewhere (probably crucial.co.uk).

Would I be better just getting another 2GB module or would I be ok adding a 4GB module to the existing 2GB. (The 4GB is only a few quid more than the 2GB)

Is there any problem mixing 2GB & 4 GB modules.

Would I see any difference between a total of 4GB and 6GB?

Is there any point just getting 2 x 4GB modules or will there be no performance increase over the 4 or 6GB.

So many questions :-)

Thanks for any advice.

  buteman 08 Mar 12

If a 32 bit version of windows it will only use up to 4 G/B.

Tried my Medion with the crucial scanner and it did say my computer would take another 4 Gb but could not say what.Just that it could take more.

Whether you can increase ram the way you want it I know not but I am sure that someone will be able to give you the advice that you need.

  T@M 08 Mar 12


It is the 64 bit so should be able to see the extra memory.

  northumbria61 08 Mar 12

To follow on from buteman - You just need to make sure what the maximum memory is that your laptop can support before purchase.

  Miké 08 Mar 12

Recommended Crucial Memory for your laptop, it's always better to have a matched pair of memory modules.

  Miké 08 Mar 12

Recommended Crucial Memory for your laptop, it's always better to have a matched pair of memory modules.

  Miké 08 Mar 12

Sorry for the double post, but got 'site internal error' so didn't think I had posted first time around!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Mar 12

if its dual channel mode it will need a matched pair


  JayDay 09 Mar 12

You only need matching pairs if you want to take advantage of dual channeling, but according to most sites the performance advantage is quite minimal.

I have dual channel architecture on my motherboard and am running with a 2gb module in one slot and a 1gb module in another with no issues at all.


  northumbria61 09 Mar 12

You won't have any issues with the mix you describe just it won't be taking advantage of dual channeling which you have already discovered is minimal.


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