Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 750SB Monitor

  Southernboy 14:13 04 May 05

A silly problem, perhaps, but I can't seem to solve it.

My above monitor got tilted downwards whilst being moved and I cannot readjust to eye-level. It seems to be locked in that position. Presumably, there is some way of "unlocking" it so I can readjust it.

Guidance much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  jack 14:15 04 May 05

The rotatable base has been reversed.
Lay it on its side and you will see what has happened.
They do come off as it happens

  Southernboy 14:40 04 May 05

Not sure I follow. What do you mean by "reversed"?All I did was pick it up whilst my wife dusted underneath it and then put it down again. I made no changes to the position of the base. The screen just tipped forward as I put it down.

I have no room to lay it on its side - surely, it must be possible to adjust the postion of the monitor whilst it is standing normally?

  Ancient Learner 16:11 04 May 05

Rule Number one. Never let wife near with duster, it creates negative currents that the little man inside and in real control of PC doesn't like.!

  jack 08:54 05 May 05

The base must have moved whilst the dusting was taking place.
The tilt machanism is one way that is it 'nods' up and down. thus if as it is now, it is 'nodding down'
then one of you pick it up, whislt the other turns the base 180 deg so that it 'Nods' up.

To echo Ancient Learner- 'Why not you do your own dusting'
Or take a leaf out of Quemtin Crisps book and dont do it at all - He reckoned that after 7 years the dust looks the same.

  Southernboy 21:16 05 May 05

I have now discovered that the monitor can be made to move up and down by simply rotating the base. A simple answer was all I needed.

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