missing yellow printer output

  canalaholic 13:21 29 Apr 09

I have an HP Deskjet 980cxi which has worked fine until now. Suddenly it has stopped printing yellow. I have replaced the cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge and done the standard cleans and calibrations. Any other suggestions before it is consigned to the recycling bin? Thanks.

  Diemmess 16:46 29 Apr 09

If the yellow disaapeared suddenly and didn't fade away with attendant banding, then my guess is an electrical failure rather than a physical blockage.

I don't know how your printer is constructed but if there is an array of gold plated contacts on the cartidge and you haven't already done so, you could try a minor scrubbing with a dry cotton bud, both the cartridge and the machine end.

  Taff™ 16:51 29 Apr 09

I agree with diemmess. The HP cartridges have built in heads so you`d be unlucky if a new one was clogged with ink. Check though and wipe away any excess ink with a lint free cloth. The other trick I use with these cartridges if the ink has dried out in the nozzles is to stand the cartridge for 5 minutes in warm, but not hot water. Repeat a couple of times and run a head clean each time.

  provider 2 17:02 29 Apr 09

Some suggestions from HP :click here

  DieSse 20:03 29 Apr 09

It's worth looking at the contact pins inside the cartridge holder. Ink can migrate onto the and give a bad contact. They can be VERY CAREFULLY wiped with a dry cloth - take great care to apply no real force to them, as they can easily be bent.

As above - a fault in the cabling to the head or elsewhere in the printer is possible.

  jack 20:13 29 Apr 09

The USB cable perhpa not making full contact.
Lots of thing to try here

  canalaholic 20:54 29 Apr 09

Just put the old cartridge back in and guess what......traces of yellow! Took the old cartridge back out again and put in the brand new genuine HP 78 tri colour cartridge and you`ve guess it....no yellow. So after all that it looks like the genuine article is faulty so its back to the supplier tomorrow for an exchange.

Thanks for your help guys.

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