Missing updates

  hiwatt 12:15 05 Mar 08

Hi there,belarc advisor is telling me that I'm missing these 4 important updates for windows.


I've tried searching microsofts page for them but can't find them.I'd be greatful if someone can tell me how to get these updates please.Thankyou.

  crosstrainer 12:25 05 Mar 08

Updates should be prefaced by KB and not Q:

click here

First one in your list (if you replace the Q with a K) Is for ms works...You can try manually downloading them all this way (Substitute K for Q) From the same site.

  hiwatt 12:33 05 Mar 08

Yeah I tried it with KB.For some reason belarc uses a Q.I tried manually searching for the other 3 from the site you provided and it says no matches found.How did you get that one?Thanks.

  crosstrainer 12:38 05 Mar 08

click here

Thats the second one, bear with me (word 2003 this one)

  crosstrainer 12:39 05 Mar 08

click here#


  crosstrainer 12:41 05 Mar 08

click here

And the last is for publisher...Hope this helps...If you don't have these applications installed anymore, that's probably why Windows isn't trying to install them. Files left behind lead Belarc to think Office is still there.

  hiwatt 12:48 05 Mar 08

Thankyou very much.I must admit I don't really use word or office,it's just that belarc said they were important updates yet windows says I'm up to date.Would you advise me to install them even if I dont use them?Thanks.

  crosstrainer 12:50 05 Mar 08

If Office is still on your system, then yes, Install them....Keeps everthing up to date.

  hiwatt 13:08 05 Mar 08

They're downloading ok and then when it asks me if I'd like to install it,it just says "the update cannot be applied.Any ideas why this could be?Thankyou.

  wee eddie 13:14 05 Mar 08

The version of M$ Office that you have on your PC, is not the Version that the Update is for!

  crosstrainer 14:20 05 Mar 08

Or....Is the copy genuine? If it's a borrowed copy, the updates will not install.

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