Missing traffic lights

  watchful 07:26 13 Aug 03

The little icon that usually sits next to the two little PCs in tray has disappeared.

Why is this and how to get it back please?

Thank you.

  MichelleC 09:01 13 Aug 03

The internet connection icon... What os r u?

  Sir Radfordin 09:08 13 Aug 03

Is this the one for Intel HAM modems?

  Chris the Ancient 09:39 13 Aug 03

sounds like one of the Norton thingies!

  watchful 10:17 13 Aug 03

Thanks for your responses but it only occurred after having a new modem fitted yesterday. It was there before.

I'm using XP Home. I had to adjust one or two settings due to Freeserve's connection kit. i.e. now using a more recent dial-up number.

Nothing to do with virus software.

  Ben Avery 10:21 13 Aug 03

has traffic lights, and would not appear if you changed the default setting to start with windows.

A link is usually placed in the Startup folder to the program, hence the lights on bootup. However, it could also be an internet connection thing as suggested by MichelleC


  watchful 10:22 13 Aug 03

Can you elaborate on that? The old one was an Intel modem - it got fried in Monday's storms.
It worked perfectly before that. The new one is an Intel 56k Fax Modem. Everything is working perfectly except the little red/green icon is missing.

  Big Elf 10:58 13 Aug 03

IE6 - Tools, Options, Connections, Settings, Properties, show icon in taskbar (tick) gives you the symbols when connected. Is that what you were trying to do?

  watchful 11:05 13 Aug 03

Thanks Big Elf but the box is already ticked and always has been but it only shows the two screens now and not the little stack which used to automatically appear with it.

It's not really important. I can live with it - or without it!

Thanks ayway,

  beeuuem 11:33 13 Aug 03

I believe the traffic lights are from " sllights.exe " which, if installed, lives in the Windows folder.

  watchful 12:35 13 Aug 03

I've found it in the Windows folder. It says it has encountered a problem so I reported the error. Under properties, virus tab, the same message came up. Perhaps it was deleted?

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