missing threads...AGAIN!!!!..are gremlins back??

  end 21:35 09 Jun 04

can anyone help again....I ahve posted on the original of this threadclick here
which, at this point in time has somewhat " changed"; I had a thread on " gremlins" somewhere, and have replies that are now "vanished"; I cannot find that thread even on "my postings" .......

???is it a "silly buggers night" tonight or....

???can anyone rescue me from my insanity...????
an . if F.E. has any info, please I"d be grateful.........

  end 21:52 09 Jun 04

this is ridiculous.....the thread I posted on has now increased in size back to its four "visits" from the two I recently found, and there appear to be no responses on it, despite the fact that there were 2 page-worths.....

anyone any ideas please...or is it just my computer that is wrong...????? adn my other thread is still "missing"...am very confused and lost now......

anyone bale me out here??????

  Valvegrid 21:58 09 Jun 04

I suspect the FE has pulled it because it wasn't really computer related. I've noticed they've done that on quite a few occasions. Don't worry about it, it's not the end of the world, Oops, pun not intended :-)

  VoG II 22:00 09 Jun 04

I can't find the original multiple threads which I think have been deleted because, well, they were inadvertently multiple.

I assume that your's was deleted as well because it contained a link to that thread.

Also, your thread could have been misinterpreted as a criticism of the site, which is a no-no.

  end 22:04 09 Jun 04

so where are the pages of the thread I posted on/????; THAT post is back to its original entry and nought else, except that 4 of IT are running.......is this weird or is this weird......and if it was "pulled" , I would have thought f.E. would have "closed" it and stopped further entries........it is nowhere to be found!!!!

\i know I"m mad but......and I"ve had a very long day,,,am I being wound up ready for more insabnity at work tomorow?????

  end 22:13 09 Jun 04

all I had suggested was that F.E. might like to "look at the thread" and "do the necessary".....??is that a "no no"????

and the threads themselves in their 4 part version are heading for page 4 by now...its very strange........

  end 22:46 09 Jun 04

???is anyone else "finding" what I am with that thread??? I mean no critisism...is it jsut me or has it now "expanded" even MORE?????

  GroupFC 22:50 09 Jun 04

I wouldn't worry about it - life's too short!

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